Keep your gold in a secured place. Download our mobile application and have instant access to finance anytime you need money.


Gold Rates

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"DIGISAFE" is a fintech credit organization that provides gold pledged consumer loans via mobile application. Gold pledged evaluated and with that amount, a loan limit opened for a client, who can take the loan remotely at any time, by one or several withdrawals. The client can repay the loan or part of the loan anytime, save interest and take the loan again when needed. Once the loan agreement is expired, a client can retake the new loan remotely, at any time using the same pledge.

24/7 Accessibility

Get your loan anytime/anywhere via mobile application.


Repay your loan, save interest and take loan again, when you need it.

Precious stones assessment

Diamonds on the jewelry also evaluated.

White gold rating

White gold accepted as a pledge too.

On-line pledge list

24/7 pledged items ordering from the pledged list via mobile application.

Any device

Mobile application is supported on iOS 11/Android 5 and higher.


Extend your loan from mobile application.

Repayment date selection

Select convenient interest payment date.


Secure your jewelry with us free of charge and travel all over the world with instant access to finance.


Keep your gold jewelry in highly secured bunker with 24 hours security control system.


All process of pledging and getting credit limit in your mobile take several minutes.

No additional fees

No monthly or service fee applied.

No penalty

No penalty for late payments.


All processes designed digitally to minimize CO₂ footprint

All day service

Support team operates 24/7.


Easy access location with big parking lots. Erebuni Mall second floor.


Transform your gold to
the loan only when you need money.

You have gold jewelry but you don't need a loan now? Then keep your jewelry with us, insecure place, free of charge, and get the loan limit on your mobile. Take the loan via mobile application only when you need money, if not, take your gold jewelry back whenever you wish.

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Travel with no worries
having ready cash in your pocket

You want to travel, but thinking where to keep your gold jewelry? Secure your gold jewelry with us free of charge and travel with no worries. Take an instant loan when you will need money abroad.

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Take a look at some interesting facts about Gold

Extracted Gold so far in Tones


Gold left to mine in Tones


World Gold jewelry in Tones


Gold melts at °C



Make repayments, save interest
retake loan again.

Repay the loan, or part of the loan, save interest and retake the loan, remotely as many times as you wish. Our product works like revolving lines of credit. You can repay the loan whenever you don't need money and you can retake the loan whenever you need money again. You will pay interest only for the days you used the loan.

Payment channels

Take the loan in one of
the several channels

The client can take the loan via mobile application by choosing one of the following channels

1. Credit Cards
2. Electronic wallets
3. Cobranded Cards
4. Bank Accounts

Loan terms


Don't wait download our app now.

"DIGISAFE" mobile application is a unique and innovative solution in the region.

Our Customer's feedback

It is so convenient to keep gold in a secured place and have such an app in your mobile while traveling.

Vahan AdamyanFacebook

I was surprised to find out that Digisafe will accept also white gold with diamonds.

Manana MkhikyanMessenger

Its great, I can get a loan for a few days to close cash flow gaps and not pay interest for the whole month.

Khachatur MkrtchyanFacebook

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